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Welcome to Bellsworne, a visionary company born out of the unique union between Chris and Alex Bell in 2020. United by their individual passions for technology, farming, and a shared love for the steampunk aesthetic, Bellsworne encapsulates the essence of this dynamic couple's journey. The name "Bellsworne" is a delightful fusion of their last name and an archaic spelling of "sworn," symbolizing the commitment to their dreams. Though officially established as an LLC in 2024, Bellsworne's roots trace back to a marriage that ignited a fusion of diverse interests.

At Bellsworne, we proudly nurture a family of ventures, each embodying our founders' distinct passions. Bellsworne Games stands as our indie game studio, crafting immersive digital experiences. Bellsworne Technologies, our software firm, explores the cutting edge of technological innovation. Meanwhile, Bellsworne Farm is our rustic haven, where we cultivate and share products like Goat Milk Soap. Looking ahead, Bellsworne Tavern, a dream in the making, envisions a local coffee shop and internet cafe tailored for college students. A haven for late-night studying, tabletop gaming, and community building, Bellsworne Tavern is set to become a cherished space in the hearts of local scholars. Join us on this exciting journey, where creativity, technology, and the warmth of community converge under the Bellsworne banner.